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Revit files are modeled to provide overall dimensions but are otherwise simplified to reduce file sizes. Detailed models available by request.

All available dwg symbols

•  Anesthesia Carts   Download (2.15MB)

   Download (744KB)

•  Bassinets   Download (2.55MB)
•  Cabinets - Built In   Download (13.5MB)
•  Cabinets - Caster Based   Download (14.6MB)
•  Cabinets - Free Standing   Download 10.8MB)
•  Cabinets - Wall   Download (6.4MB)
•  Carts - Closed   Download (2.6MB)
•  Carts - Open   Download (9.92MB)
•  Carts - rev•o•lu•tion™   Download (4.7MB)
•  Chairs   Download (2.68MB)
•  Hampers   Download (2.92MB)
•  Kickbuckets   Download (878KB)
•  Mayo and IV Stands   Download (7.57MB)
•  Stools   Download (55.7MB)
•  Stretchers   Download (4.05MB)
•  Tables   Download (12MB)
•  Warming Cabinets   Download (5.29MB)


Attainia software is the most widely used and highly customized equipment planning, budgeting and tracking software available. The partnership between Pedigo and Attainia allows equipment planners and architects to easily access product specifications, designs, and other critical components needed to solve their healthcare projects. Pedigo’s extensive in-stock inventory and Attainia’s software applications offer the customer convenient, timely and accurate solutions to their capital equipment procurement.



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